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Owen Coyle Has Made & Sent Off A DVD Of Poor Referee Decisions Against Bolton Wanderers

The club have made a movie! This one won't be watched with buttered popcorn and an extra large soda in hand. Instead, this one is headed for the shady men in charge of... something. We're not really sure who though and not sure what positives it could possibly bring for Bolton Wanderers.

Michael Regan - Getty Images

Four games, four penalties, two losses, one draw, one win. Owen Coyle has rued each and every one of those decisions. They have been the biggest talking point in the post match interviews and are starting to make Owen Coyle sound like a bit of a broken record. The issue at hand though isn't just decisions given against Bolton Wanderers, it's those not given to the men in white.

In those four matches, there are two instances where Bolton were denied stonewall penalties that immediately come to mind and one that probably should have been given but can go either way:

  1. In the match against Sheffield Wednesday, Chris Eagles made one of his typical runs down the left wing and cut inside. The Wednesday defender stuck a leg out well inside the box, got none of the ball, and sent Eagles to ground.
  2. In the match against Crystal Palace, Mark Davies headed the ball against a Palace defender's outstretched arm. Nothing given.
  3. In the match against Leeds United, Keith Andrews was brought down in the box and what was really an obvious call. Again, nothing from it.

The problem is that penalties have been awarded against the Trotters for much, much less. There are easy examples of this to be found in the Sheffield Wednesday, Crystal Palace, and Birmingham City matches where minimal contact led to the opposition man hitting the floor, the whistle blowing, and the referee running to the spot.

Speaking to ITV, Owen Coyle confirmed that the club have indeed compiled the footage from these matches and sent them off to the powers at be. Whether this does anything positive for Bolton Wanderers remains to be seen and we certainly are skeptical of the outcome. Whether or not it smacks of desperation is something yet to be determined as Bolton would not be in the position that they are had they been able to finish any of the myriad of chances that have been fired right at opposition goalkeepers in recent weeks.

"It wasn't one decision it was decisions. Some of the decisions have been truly bizarre," he said.

"We had the biggest (claim for a) penalty you'll ever see on Keith Andrews not given. Leeds were then given a penalty when Stephen Warnock's played the ball.

"But we should accept that we should do better on set-plays, when we're ruthless and people are doing their jobs we know we can win matches regardless of what happens during the course of that match."

"There'll always be dissenting voices even when you're doing well. There's people out there having to provide for their families.

"I love football, I love Bolton Wanderers. Anyone who has anything negative to say will see the resilience and the character at this club. I will never be evasive, we work our socks off here everyday and we'll come out the other end smiling."

Either way, the DVD will probably be a better watch than anything Tottenham Hotspur have put out.