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Stuart Holden Injury Update

Nothing brightens the faces of Wanderers fans like positive news on Stuart Holden

Bob Levey - Getty Images

Earlier this week, we told you why Stuart Holden's absence presented a curious problem for Bolton Wanderers.After all, it's pretty difficult to replace your best midfielder. Now, the dynamic central dynamo has provided a bit of an update for the fans.

What is eight seconds long and gives you a lot of hope? Why, it's a video of Stuart Holden, of course. Up until now, we really hadn't seen Stu kick the ball much, really only given a glimpse of him juggling the ball while sat on the ground. This latest video was posted on Holden's Facebook page on Thursday and it features him doing some hard cuts, breaking forward a bit, and kicking a ball.

Holden is finishing his last two weeks at Elite PT in Delaware, per his Twitter account, and is due back in the UK shortly after that. There is no official date on when he's due back on the field but the outlook is optimistic from everyone involved thanks to Holden's upbeat mentality. The aforementioned video can be found at the bottom of this post.

Speaking to the Bolton News, Owen Coyle provided his update on Holden

"Stuart is getting better. I'm always loath to put a timescale on him because he's had such a hard time of it.

"Mentally, he's in a very good place right now, and physically he's improving.

"He has done a lot of rehab in the US and felt comfortable in a family environment, which is important from a mental point of view.

"We don't want to get ahead of ourselves but God-willing, he's due back in two weeks' time and ready to step it up from there."