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Millwall 1-1 Bolton Wanderers: Eagles Levels

Bolton came out of the break firing on all cylinders. Five minutes after the break, Bolton Wanderers were awarded a free kick just outside of Millwall's box. Mark Davies received the ball center and looked to turn towards goal. Liam Trotter, marking Davies, took the center midfielder's legs out from under him and Bolton had an opportunity from 25 yards out.

Chris Eagles stood over the ball and did his Chris Eagles magic with a wonderful Chris Eagles free kick. David Forde set up a four man wall ahead of him. As Eagles took the shot, he made sure to place it under the jumping Millwall (uh...) wall. The ball beat David Forde and hit the back of the net. The score was 1-1 on 50 minutes with Bolton visibly looking infinitely better than they did in what was a pretty dire first half for the men in white.

Bolton nearly scored again in the 55th minute thanks to a delicious Kevin Davies cross that Chris Eagles finished just wide of the Millwall goal.