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Bolton Wanderers MOTM v Millwall: Chris Eagles

Bolton may have lost, but Lion of Vienna Suite still have a warm bottle of Ribena to give out to the Wanderers Man of The Match for this week.

Michael Steele - Getty Images

This is a strange one. Despite the result, several Bolton Wanderers players performed admirably. On the other hand, most of them also made costly errors.

For a prime example, look no further than frequent MOTM finalist Chris Eagles. Eagles scored a goal today, and created several other chances for himself and his teammates. He also won a penalty. All of this is good. On the flip side, his movement to inside positions during attack often leaves left back Stephen Warnock overly exposed defensively. Also, as you may have heard, he missed the penalty kick by almost comical proportions. He put some things on the table, but eh also took some things off the table.

Goalkeeper Adam Bogdan made several first class saves throughout the match. But he was also at fault for the first goal, getting to it, but fumbling it into the net.

Matt Mills played a fairly good match in the center of defense, but he was part of the group that conceded two goals, one very late on.

Tyrone Mears was very involved in the match, getting forward quite a bit and defending well on the right flank. But again, can we really, after conceding two goals, reward a defender.

All that considered, it has to be Chris Eagles. Although up until now, he is reminding of the Daniel Sturridge experience. Loads of goals scored, but no results to go with them.