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Fireside Chats: Dougie Freedman on His Assistant Lennie Lawrence

Reunited, and it feels so good
Reunited, and it feels so good
Alex Livesey

Earlier today it was confirmed that Bolton Wanderers had secured Lennie Lawrence as the new assistant manager. This was never exactly a given, but it is not surprising that Lawrence followed Freedman to the Reebok. The two have built an effective system together before, and hopefully can do so again with Bolton. This addition brings a wealth of experience to Bolton's backroom, and Dougie has taken care to express his excitement with the reunion,

It will be one of the best signings Bolton Wanderers Football Club will make this season. He's a fantastic guy and a very proud man. He's been in charge of over 1,000 games in his own merit. He's a very giving and wise man as well. He has had promotions, managed at the top level and he will help the club on and off the field tremendously - that is why I got him here.

I've known Lennie for a few years now. He runs the pro license in Wales and is a teacher and educator of coaching. He's a man in the football business that is very well respected and I'm delighted to have him on board.

We happen to agree with Dougie, Lennie can only do good things for Bolton. He knows the game well, and very importantly, he knows Dougie well. Under Owen Coyle, we said many a time that he would be helped so much by an experienced assistant, and they don't come much more experienced than Lawrence. The one hitch with this news is what will happen to Jimmy Phillips and his pals. In all likelihood, they will return to the academy, but it will be interesting to see how the dust settles in Bolton's backroom.

Welcome to t'Reebok Lennie!