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Transfer targets not falling for Swindon Town, Paolo Di Canio says

The loan window for Football League clubs closes in just two weeks and Swindon Town want to get their targets in. Hint: there's a Bolton player on their list.

Harry Engels

We reported on Friday that Swindon Town and manager Paolo Di Canio had an eye out for young Bolton right back Joe Riley with a view of bringing him in on loan. One of the other loan moves that has been highly touted lately for Swindon Town is Sheffield Wednesday forward, Gary Madine. However, Swindon are having a tough time recruiting their loan targets thanks to financial difficulties at the club.

Speaking in the Swindon Advertiser, Di Canio talked about what is going on with his club:

"It's difficult now, the damage was done. If I'm not wrong, in the last two months the only team that couldn't bring in even on £200 per week wages was Swindon.

"The problem is difficult. Now where are you going to find what you need for your cause? I don't bring people in just to be there. I have targets. I speak to them and if I feel they don't want to come here with desire and determination I don't sign them.

"I prefer to go with my players - they know me and they work so hard. I prefer to keep the money there and not spend it. It's not my fault. I claimed before to cancel the embargo, it didn't happen and now it is difficult to find anyone of quality.

"Obviously someone will join us but the targets we had before, someone flew away because the number of players we selected two months ago was restricted to a few and then you have to be lucky to get the one you want with the right determination and the right price."

Di Canio was also asked directly about targets Madine and Riley:

"We ask for a player and they score and then they change their mind. Madine, who is he? I don't know who he is."

"Joe Riley, if I'm not wrong, is a good right-back. Not because I have good information but I have to have a vocabulary about all the players. I know every single player from League Two to the Premier League but I don't know who he is, I don't know his face. We will see for the future."