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Sordell: “One minute I was on my way to Cardiff, the next minute Bolton came in"

We were aware that Cardiff City had tried to sabotage Bolton's bid for Marvin Sordell on Deadline Day last January and now, Marvin Sordell has revealed just how close he came to signing for the Bluebirds.

Laurence Griffiths

"It literally came down to the wire, talking about contracts on deadline day,"

That is what Marvin Sordell told Wales Online about how close he was to signing for Cardiff City before accepting the Bolton Wanderers offer last January. "I was due to play a game at Millwall that night and in my mind I was joining Cardiff.

"As it happened I was pulled out of the team and then it all changed.

"One minute I was on my way to Cardiff, the next minute Bolton came in and asked me to go up there.

"It was a tough decision, but it was Premiership football and you never know what can happen in football.

"It's a very short career and anything can happen at any time, you've got to take any opportunity you can get."

Tomorrow, Sordell, who has not had much of a chance to show his stuff at Bolton, will see his team face up against his old boss at Watford, Malky Mackay. Under Mackay, Sordell scored 27 goals in 81 appearances at Watford. Now Mackay has taken charge of a Cardiff City side that sit top of the Championship table. As we well know, Bolton are slightly worse off than that.

Sordell signed for Bolton quite literally at the death with confirmation coming hours after the deadline had officially passed.He's started only three games this season, scoring the one goal against Nottingham Forest in that stretch. Speaking earlier this week, Dougie Freedman said he is determined to turn Sordell into the star that his promise shows he should be:

I've seen Marvin over the early years at the beginning when he was at Tranmere on loan and I spoke to him today on it. What we've got to understand is he's a young guy moved up from London. Where is he living? What is he doing? We've got to take all that into consideration. I was a young guy that moved for a lot of money and sometimes it's difficult.

You've got a manager here who works with the youth, who puts them in. I'm certainly going to looking at Marvin and thinking to myself that we should have him on the pitch. There's no doubt in my mind at all that if we're going to move up the table that people like Sordell are going to have to help us. It's up to me to get the best out of him and I'm very confident, I've experience of doing that. We can certainly achieve it.