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Freedman wants Butterfield loan extension but it's up to Norwich City

Jamie McDonald

Jacob Butterfield has certainly impressed Bolton Wanderers fans and the boss alike in his short time on loan at Bolton Wanderers. The central midfielder came over from Norwich City after nearly a year without any league play due to a knee injury. Now, that month is winding down and it seems like Dougie Freedman is keen to get some more time with Jacob Butterfield.

Freedman spoke about a potential extension for Butterfield's loan in the Bolton News just before Wednesday's Blackburn match:

"That's entirely up to Norwich. The deal was a month and the ball is right in their court now as to what they want to do.

"The deal was a month to give him some games, and the more he has, the better he will get, I'm sure. But it's in their hands now as to what happens from here."

Butterfield was handed his chance against Blackburn and he took it very well. The midfielder menaced Blackburn's defense and created a few scoring opportunities for himself with only some very good saves from Paul Robinson keeping him out. Personally, we would love to see him here for even longer but for what it's worth, Dougie's first signing was a very good one.