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Fabrice Muamba Nearly Quit Bolton: "I decided it was time to go."

The former Bolton midfielder has just launched his new tell-all autobiography. In it, he doesn't mince words at all about his frustration with Bolton's manager.

Ian Walton

Fabrice Muamba's book, I'm Still Standing, offers a new look into the life of the former Bolton Wanderers man. From his time growing up in the Congo to the birth of his son and his collapse at White Hart Lane, the book goes into depths never before afforded to Bolton fans.

In one of the many interesting parts of Muamba's life that the book covers, he reveals his frustration with former manager Owen Coyle and how he wanted out of the club:

"I would go in to Owen (Coyle) to try and find out why I wasn't getting picked. He would say: ‘I want to play someone else in front you, you're not performing to your best.

"When you hear that once you go away, accept it and come back stronger. But nothing changed and when I went back I got the same message. I would walk away thinking ‘he is talking rubbish'.

"It made me so moody. It was on my mind 24 hours a day. I would go through the front door and get mad, shouting at Shauna and just not being in a good place.

"By the time February came around - just six weeks before my collapse - I decided it was time to go.

"People may think I'm being disrespectful and ungrateful to Bolton by outlining my plans to get out of the club despite what they later did for me following my collapse.

"And I can't lie and pretend that before the cardiac arrest I was all happy and everything was great.

"Bolton did so much for me after my cardiac arrest and I'm so grateful to the club. So many people have gone above and beyond to help me recover - including Owen. But the truth of the matter is that, for footballing reasons, I was on my way out.

"When I stepped out on that White Hart Lane pitch on that March evening, there were a lot of feelings swirling around in my head.

"I knew that I had a big point to prove. Perhaps I had one last chance to show the boss that I could be a part of his plans at this club I loved.

"But there was also a part of me that feared it was all too late."

It certainly makes you think about things. What would have happened had Fabrice not taken the field with Bolton against Tottenham? Why did Owen refuse to select him?