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Dougie Freedman Tells the Boo Boys To Have Patience

Bolton went into the locker room on Saturday 1-0 down to Cardiff at home with a chorus of boos behind them. Bolton flew high in the second half and got all three points.

Mike Hewitt

Really the only way that Dougie Freedman's reign as Bolton Wanderers manager could have started any better if Bolton had kept a clean sheet. A debut win against a team sitting at the top of the table will have to do though. Unfortunately, a number of Bolton fans decided to air their frustrations with a side that had conceded (yet another) soft goal with boos at the break.

Speaking to the Bolton News, Dougie Freedman shared his feelings on the matter:

"I was surprised by the fans' reaction at half time because I felt we were quite comfortable in what we were doing.

"I felt the majority of the fans were fantastic for 90 minutes but there were one or two people who voiced their concerns at half time.

"It is not really fantastic to hear from a coach's point of view because the game lasts for 90 minutes.

Really, what he wants is a little patience from the Bolton fans and it isn't like Dougie is asking for weeks or months, more like a further 45 minutes.

"The lads were asked to stick to a game-plan against a Cardiff team that is at the top of the league and in my eyes will get promoted.

"I cannot just send a team out there with a free-for-all attitude. I have to make sure we have a game-plan. Hopefully, the fans understand it is a 90 minute game-plan in each game.

"My job is to come to the club and change the mindset of the whole club really. I'm telling the players the game lasts 90 minutes and they have to have their mind set on working really hard.

"I would like the fans to maybe appreciate the game lasts 90 minutes and be on side with us for the full 90. I understand after 90 minutes if it's not quite right they can voice their opinions which is fine with me.

"I just feel it is my job to change everyone's thinking at the club; we have to get behind each other.

"I want the players, staff, fans and backroom staff all enjoying a winning team. But we must have everyone behind us to achieve it."