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Snapshot: Bolton Wanderers fans all seem to think alike

This was the immediate reaction following the official announcement that Jacob Butterfield had signed on a one-month loan with Bolton Wanderers from Norwich City. It wasn't a "welcome" or a "good luck."

Laurence Griffiths

It was a resounding "why?" It could be a result of inflated expectations, a fickle attitude, a predisposition to disliking the club's decisions, or something as simple as not understanding the move.

Butterfield is still very young at 22 years old and had suffered a major knee injury about a year ago. Before that, he was far and away one of Barnsley's best players. In a Q&A with Football League blog the Two Unfortunates (that you should read), this is how Jacob Butterfield was described:

"Butterfield is proving himself as a valuable Championship talent, who still has much more potential to develop in his game, especially defensively

"He is perhaps listening to his own hype a little bit too much, although his stock has risen, it's based on limited experience. He would do well to remain at Barnsley FC or at another Championship club for a good year or two in my opinion as the Premier League is too big a leap."

Yet, when Bolton's official Facebook page made the announcement of the signing, this is how Butterfield's presence was greeted: