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Marvin Sordell racially abused by Twitter troll, idiot

Laurence Griffiths

It's becoming a tired subject and one that certainly should not be happening in the modern world but yet, it's increasingly prevalent. We've lost count of how many times idiots have taken to social media to "anonymously" hurl abuse at footballers.

The latest bit of internet abuse comes from one "@sharialawfan" on Twitter. We won't be linking to his name or quoting the tweets but Marvin Sordell is well aware of them, retweeting one of the four tweets aimed directly at him. The account is almost certainly one meant to "wind" people up but it doesn't stop the fact that racist abuse, meant as a "joke" (no one is laughing) or not, is still publicly thrown about.

Like the abuse at Millwall and the image on Facebook that followed, there will probably be an investigation and (hopefully) the abuser will be found guilty. Unfortunately, it it will take a massive step to kick racism not only out of football but out of society.