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MOTM v. Huddersfield: Mark Davies.

In a shocking turn of events, once again Bolton dropped points from a winning position in a disappointing fashion this weekend, this time in a 2-2 draw with Huddersfield.

Earning our MOTM award makes Sparky want to SING!
Earning our MOTM award makes Sparky want to SING!
David Rogers

In spite of the undesirable result and a performance that generally was not good enough, there were a few players who did do well. Chris Eagles, our usual go-to man of the match after a bad match, really doesn't deserve it this time. It is true that he caused Huddersfield some trouble, and he did score Bolton's second goal (which should've been a winner, but never mind that), but the pure lack of quality in his penalty* discounts him from receiving his usual dues. Adam Bogdan put in a solid performance, including a brilliant save from Vaughan near the end, salvaging a point for Bolton. In the end however, we decided to give the MOTM to Mark Davies.

Sparky, like many Wanderers, has had a patchy season to say the least. However, in games like this, it's easy to see why Gary Megson brought him to the Reebok in the first place. Not only did Davies score the opening goal, a lovely low curving, and assist the second, with a great piece of footwork that drew defenders from Eagles, but he consistently and unselfishly set up his teammates in nice attacking plays. Dougie Freedman's new system seems to be bringing out the best in Sparky and long may it continue.

*You can see Eagles' penalty attempt in the highlights here. I would not recommend watching.