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Mark Davies set to miss extended time with potential broken bone

Bryn Lennon

It just doesn't get any easier, does it? Bolton Wanderers now seem to have a fresh injury concern, this time with Mark Davies the victim. The rumor du jour is that the broken boy is either his colllarbone or one in his shoulder, sustained during the Huddersfield Town match when he fell awkwardly. Davies had a brief stay on the sidelines and trouble walking around during the match but continued on and played all 90 minutes.

The length of time he is set to miss is somewhere around 12 weeks and that comes as a major blow to the Trotters. Mark Davies was getting consistent time in the center of the park and showing his class in recent weeks with the match against Huddersfield a real case-in-point with a goal and an assist.

There is a saving grace for Bolton fans as Jacob Butterfield, whose loan was extended by a month, should be able to slot right in. Bolton do have a few options in center midfield but Butterfield is the most attacking of the lot.

Mark Davies still has extended time left at Bolton Wanderers with his contract running until summer 2015.

We await official confirmation (likely coming at the pre-Charlton press conference) but a number of outside sources have piped up sharing the information.