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Bolton take Jamaica U17 captain on trial

Jamie Sabau

Bolton's scouting network has their cogs turning and the Trotters have officially taken a young Jamaican midfielder on trial. Omar Holness, Jamaica U17s number 9, captained his side in the U17 World Cup last summer.

He hadplayed with Real Mona in his native Jamaica prior to last fall, when he moved to Costa Rica with his parents, where he is currently based.

Holness is only 18 years old and has shown a lot of promise and has trained with Sunderland in the past. He was also been named to the Jamaica National U20 Men's team for their Caribbean Football Union Qualifiers. Any real data on him is hard to find and bits of information are few and far between.

What we do know is that Holness scored in the final of the KFASA Champions League as the Jamaica U20s went on to raise the trophy. Also, he's had injury concerns in the past and had surgery on his knee last year. Speaking to the Gleaner, he discussed his knee problem:

"I did a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan recently and it was discovered that I tore the medial meniscus and that I also have an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and an MCL (medial cruciate ligament) sprain in the right knee."

Holness showed good leadership in the U17 World Cup and was disappointed with his side's early first round exit:

"We are disappointed knowing that we didn't qualify for the second round, but we know that we fought valiantly and we were playing against world leaders.

"My personal disappointment coming out of this tournament, other than the fact that we didn't advance to the second round, is that we didn't score as many goals as we were expected to.

This is us hoping he's the next Ricardo "Bibi" Gardner.

His vision was on show against Argentina in that tournament and you an see him making the initial play to start the excellent goal-scoring move in the video below: