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Update: Holden comeback game called off due to weather

False alarm, folks. The Manchester Senior Cup match between Bolton Wanderers and Bury has been called off. Weather between Bolton and Bury today was very rainy and as a result, they will not be playing the previously scheduled cup match today. The news comes as a blow to Bolton and United States fans that really wanted to see Holden play.

With the weather the way it is and the pitch obviously not in good condition (so bad that the match was called off), it's a good idea not to play it for the sake of the players. After all, the last thing anyone wants is Stu Holden or any other player on the pitch get hurt due to muddy, unstable ground.

As of right now, an hour before scheduled kickoff, the match has not yet been rescheduled. The two teams will meet up again in the near future but that day is not today.