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MOTM v. Ipswich: Keith Andrews

Last match, choosing an MOTM was difficult because pretty much every player put in a fantastic performance (after much deliberation, we went with Jacob Butterfield). This time around, we are face with the more familiar problem of having to pick the least bad player...

Paul Thomas

In all fairness, Bolton Wanderers put in a decent first half against Ipswich, but that was far outweighed by the boring second period, and eventual loss. It should be remembered that Dougie Freedman is a new manager, who has had limited opportunity to shape the squad, and that he is trying to implement a completely new system and style of play on a previously shapeless club. There will of course be bumps along the way. That the bump had to come against Ipswich Town at home is the truly embarrassing part.

Anyway, back to the MOTM, honestly no Bolton player really deserves the accolade this round. Some possibilities include Marcos Alonso, who after a long absence from the team, put in a decent performance, characterised by his highly offensive minded approach to left back. Mark Davies also had a decent match, when he got to see any of the ball, as well as scoring a nice goal, an important game for him considering the amount of competition he's receiving from Jacob Butterfield.

In the end, we decided to give the award to Keith Andrews. While he was unable to give the attack midfield triangle enough of the ball to make a huge difference in the second half, he did once again play a huge defensive role, limiting the Ipswich attack. He and his partner in defensive midfield, Jay Spearing, are absolutely vital parts of Dougie's 4-2-3-1 system, as their holding at the back allows the offensive 3 more freedom in attack. Not all of the pieces of Freedman's puzzle are in place yet, but Andrews is proving himself to be a solid, and important part of the new Bolton every match.

Who would you nominate as MOTM v. Ipswich?