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Bolton in the market for second-tier Norwegian winger?

Audun Braastad/EuroFootball/Getty Images

Reports (well, one report) have popped up and they seem to signal manager Dougie Freedman's supposed intent in the upcoming transfer window. Despite the one report from a well-known tabloid (that failed to mention sources or, even better, a quote), the Lion of Vienna Suite's Twitter account has been blowing up for quite some time with tweets out of Norway informing us about the winger that Bolton Wanderers (are again, supposedly/allegedly) keen to bring in.

The man in question is 26-year-old Dawda Leigh, a Norwegian-born winger who has played in Norway for the whole of his career. After spending 2009 until last August with hometown side Vålerenga, Leigh signed with second-division (Adeccoligaen) side Sandefjord in hopes of getting more playing time.

Leigh was described by Sandefjord CEO Arne Dokken described him as a fast winger, with good dribbling ability, physically strong, with good foot speed and technique. Apparently, Dougie Freedman had his eyes on Leigh while managing Crystal Palace, early in his career.

Dawda was a staple of the first XI in his first season at Vålerenga, stating nine of the first ten games. Unfortunately for him, it quickly dropped off and he played barely over 152 minutes the whole of the next season (with Vålerenga finishing runners up to champions Rosenborg in the final table). It didn't get much better over the next two seasons and Leigh decided to restart at a lower level.

After signing with Sandefjord in August, Leigh played in all of the remaining nine matches to close the season out. Sandefjord finished the season in third place of the second division but lost in the promotion playoff to the eventual playoff winners, Ullensaker/Kisa, who eventually were defeated in the relegation playoff (are you keeping up?) to Sandnes Ulf, who would remain in the top flight.

Leigh is a right-sided player who would fall behind Chung-Yong Lee and Chris Eagles in the pecking order. At 26 years old, he's also past the age of prospect. However, he would be inexpensive. He's not exactly a proven goalscorer though, scoring just once in 57 games for Vålerenga. The move would leave a lot of questions that have to be answered.

Anyway, here's his obligatory highlight reel: