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Dougie Freedman offers reaction to Holden training return

Surely you've heard the news by now. Oh. You haven't? The one and only Stu Holden has returned to full training! It's good news for sure but do keep in mind that there's a very long road for the central midfielder left to travel. For one, he's not training every day yet, going through full training every other day. Still it's a massive step forward.

Manager Dougie Freedman confirmed the good news at his pre-Huddersfield Town press conference earlier today and shared some thoughts on the situation:

"Stuart has been training one day on one day off which is great. The problem we have, and I do stress this to everyone, is that Stuart has been out for a long time and there will be absolutely no rush from the coaches' point of view.

"He is training with us on every second day. He is looking nice and fit and his sharpness will come. He is such an enthusiastic lad and he is great to have around. I have tried to encourage Stuart to get around the place which is good for us.

"But we are still a couple months away from seeing Stuart, let's not kid ourselves, but we are looking forward to that."

The news has been a major boost to fans on Twitter who are absolutely salivating at the thought of Holden in a white shirt again. All in due course, though.