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Question Time with HTFC World

Chris Brunskill

Usually we try to find a blog to tell you about the opposition before a match. This week we have done oh-so-much better than that, we found HTFC World. Instead of the conventional written match reports (which we partake in) Danny Gee animates his reports. They are brilliant. Danny was kind enough to return to the written word to answer a few of our questions ahead of the fixture this weekend.

Huddersfield Town won promotion to the Championship last season in a fairly dramatic 22 penalty shoot out. Has the transition into a new league, with a relatively new manager, been difficult this season?

Danny Gee: So far it hasn't been as difficult as expected. Simon Grayson has brought in lots of new players over the summer and the first choice team is much changed from that which scraped promotion last season. That said, with injuries and suspensions mounting recently, the fringe players have struggled to cope when called upon. You're catching us during our worst run right now.

One thing that may have made that transition harder was the sale of Jordan Rhodes in August. He scored 40 goals for the Terriers last season, along with winning a number of accolades, including League One Player of the Year. How have Huddersfield coped with this loss?

DG: We actually looked a better team in terms of the football we were playing in the few games after his departure thanks to the performances of loan signing James Vaughan. However, Vaughan has spent as much time on the treatment table as he has on the field and even our other loan striker, Jermaine Beckford, has missed the last few games with injury. If these 2 were fully fit, the loss of Rhodes wouldn't have been so bad but as it stands, we pose very little goal threat at the moment.

Normally I keep these questions just about football, but your site is so unique, I need to know more. I read in the FAQs that you started the site over 10 years ago. Where did the concept come from? Do you have a favourite report or meme that's emerged from them over the years?

DG: There was a chap covering Fulham's games nicknamed Ormondroyd who also did some work for the Guardian. He covered a Huddersfield Town game using stick figures with similar humour and I wanted to create something along the same lines but using actual footage of the games. That said, I think my favourite report was entirely hand drawn; a report on a game against Barnsley from 2002 when I used Mr Men characters to portray the game -

Do you have a prediction for the match?

DG: 2-1 to Bolton unless we manage to get both Vaughan and Beckford fit in which case 2-2

And most importantly, are you planning on doing a Bolton report?!

DG: Unfortunately not, as my Leeds report won't be ready until next week. That said, I always take the camera along to the home games just in case something spectacular happens. I hope to cover the return game later in the season.

Thanks again to Danny Gee for speaking with us about Huddersfield. Be sure to check out his website, HTFC World, it will probably be the best thing you do all day.