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Highlights of Huddersfield Town 2-2 Bolton Wanderers

Bolton Wanderers drew for the fifth time in seven games on their most recent away trip, this time at Huddersfield Town. The Whites have no dropped the most points from winning positions in the division as the Terriers equalized late on (and nearly won it). The match was really a tale of Bolton being unlucky, being resurgent, and finally being beaten well.

Chris Brunskill

Of the four goals scored in the 2-2 match, three were scored by Bolton men. We saw a number of predictions on Twitter before the match calling for Zat Knight to score and score he did... in the wrong net. The big man attempted to head an early corner clear but it ended up flying past Adam Bogdan from close range. For the remainder of the second half, it was pretty much all Huddersfield.

Bolton came out in the second half like a housing development (not just a single house) on fire and it was Mark Davies who equalized. The midfielder went on one of his trademark twisty-turny runs and took the ball past three defenders before curling it home, low and to the far post.

Chris Eagles then took the spot kick that Sam Ricketts won but his placement was awful. The winger (who leads Bolton's scoring chart) went for power and placed it more central than anything else, allowing the keeper to save relatively easily after guessing the correct direction.

Eagles, who did pretty well on the day once again, got what he deserved shortly after. Mark Davies ran forward, bursting through the Terriers' defense, and laid the ball off to Chris Eagles with a cute little backheel flick and Eagles finished with style before celebrating by calling to his namesake.

Huddersfield looked dead and done before Bolton took the lead but they decided to pick it up shortly afterward and it was danger man James Vaughan that did the deed for them. Tim Ream had come on for Bolton not long before Vaughan scored for an injured Matt Mills and it didn't take long for him to become the goat, despite him not having much of a chance to stop the shot. Vaughan got the ball and quickly beat Ream for pace by taking the ball wider. The forward then hit it from a very acute angle, finishing into the side netting at the far post.

At the start of the day, the draw was an awful result for Bolton. After the first half, it's one we would have accepted.