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Roads to Recovery: Injury Setbacks

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It finally looked like Bolton Wanderers were starting to get healthy. Depth was on the horizon and it looked like we would finally have more than one man capable of playing each position. Alas, it was a mirage in the Bolton desert and a healthy squad was just not meant to be. Don't get us wrong, the news isn't all bad but we do have some updates on the conditions of Kevin Davies, Tyrone Mears, Marcos Alonso, and Chung-Yong Lee thanks to Marc Iles at the Bolton News and Bolton Wanderers official Twitter account.

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Naturally, we'll do the bad news first. Tyrone Mears is set to be sidelined for six weeks after having a screw removed from the leg that he broke during preseason. There were reports that he felt pain in the leg but the surgery will have him sit out regardless. Mears finally made his return from injury and his first game in a Bolton shirt was a decent at best showing.

Kevin Davies will have another spell on the sidelines after doing slight damage to medial knee ligaments in the Wigan match. His time out looks to be about three weeks but Owen Coyle thinks he could be back as soon as next weekend.

Now for the good...ish news: Marcos Alonso is once again close to making a return after re-hurting the foot that he originally suffered a broken metatarsal in. The original time missed prognosis was four weeks but was later extended when it was discovered that he would once again need surgery to re-set the pin in his foot. Coyle hopes that Alonso will rejoin the group in training come Monday. We only say that this isn't full on good news because we had thought Marcos was further along.

Finally, Chungy is making strides to get back to full fitness. According to Bolton and Owen Coyle, Lee is doing light training on grass finally and "when he builds up his confidence, he will join in with the rest of the group." We hope to have Chungy and Stu back as soon as possible but any news that isn't yet another setback is good news.

Man, we're really living up to our tagline as "an injury blog with occasional Bolton Wanderers news."

Sources: Official BWFC Twitter and the Bolton News