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Bolton Will Face Millwall in the FA Cup

Let's hope they don't look this happy on the 18th
Let's hope they don't look this happy on the 18th

Tonight, after a dramatic win over Southampton in a replay, Millwall progress to the Fifth Round of the FA Cup to face Bolton Wanderers. Millwall opened the scoring early on, through the coincidentally named Liam Trotter. Southampton looked in with a chance after taking the lead in the 77th minute, but just 2 minutes later Millwall equalised. Liam Feeney stopped the game going to extra time with a 92nd minute striker, and put his club through. The London side will be hosting the Trotters on Saturday the 18th of February with tickets starting at £25.

Millwall currently sit 21st in the Championship with 29 points from 29 games and a goal difference of -11. While Darius Henderson, top scorer over all competitions with 16 goals, did not make an appearance tonight, it's safe to say that he will be one to watch out for. The last time Bolton traveled to the Den was in 1995, a match won by a lone John McGinlay goal. Unfortunately we have no Super John this time, but still it seems a match even Bolton could win.