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Bullet Dodged: Ravel Morrison Already In Trouble - Updated

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One of the transfer rumors that emerged on Deadline Day was that Bolton Wanderers were in for then Manchester United youngster Ravel Morrison. Bolton were offered him earlier in the window but Coyle declined thanks in part to Morrison's troubled history with respecting rules. Instead, Morrison made the switch to West Ham United to be under the guidance of Big Sam (and the promise of a big payday, reportedly up to £65,000 a week if the Hammers are promoted). Well, it hasn't even been two weeks since the transfer and Morrison is already in trouble with the FA.

The Daily Mail reported late last night that Ravel Morrison will be brought to face upper management at West Ham to explain some "homophobic comments" he made to non-football personnel on Twitter.

The FA have written to the 19-year-old, who has yet to play for West Ham following his £650,000 move from Manchester United, asking for his ‘observations' on the matter. Morrison has until Monday to respond.

The midfielder has deleted the offending tweet, but still faces an FA charge.

The Daily Mail

One thing that we're lucky with as Bolton fans is that we don't really have to deal with too much controversy off the field. Ravel Morrison as a Wanderers certainly would have changed that.

Update: According to Who Ate All The Pies, the FA have charged Morrison for the homophobic tweet and now wait for a response for him. Fair play.