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It's So Sweet Saying Goodbye to Gary Megson

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In a shocking twist (read: not shocking) it looks as though Sheffield Wednesday have sacked the not-so-ginger-Mourinho. Despite sitting in third place near the top of League One and beating rivals Sheffield United 1-0 at the weekend's heated Steel City Derby, Gary Megson will once again have to tend to his garden until another club sees his worth (read: the club is desperate or very dumb) and picks him up for another managerial stint.

Wednesday's owner, Milan Mandaric said that "I fully understand this may not be the most popular decision amongst our supporters but I ask them to trust me, as they have done so whole-heartedly during the time I have been at the club." Somehow, we disagree that they'll be so gutted.

Gary Megson never seemed to let the fact that the Bolton fans (for good reasons) despised him. He still talks about us almost weekly, if not daily. Bolton fans likely will not feel sorry but old Meggo is looking at greener pastures... In his garden.