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Official Update

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The Bolton Wanderers Football Club and the National Health Services have released a joint statement regarding the condition of Fabrice Muamba. You can find that on the official website. The basic summary is that Fabrice is stable yet still in very serious condition. No further updates are planned, and they expect him to remain in that condition or another 24 hours.

As football fans, and more importantly as people, it's hard to imagine that the medical staffs at Bolton Wanderers as well as Tottenham Hotspur could have done anything more yesterday. It is their actions, along with a cardiologist/Spurs fan who emerged from the crowd, that revived Fabrice yesterday, and they, coupled with the fine doctors at the London Chest Hospital, are responsible for him being alive today.

It is hard to imagine a worse feeling that what we all experienced at White Hart Lane yesterday. The support shown to BWFC by the football world was reassuring though. Hopefully we will have good news over the next few days, particularly Fabrice's young son and for the Muamba family