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Fabrice Muamba Shows Improvement

Some tributes left outside the Reebok by fans
Some tributes left outside the Reebok by fans

Some excellent news today from the London Chest Hospital. The club released a short statement this afternoon saying that his heart is beating without the aid of medication and he is able to move his arms and legs. In a later statement, they added that he is also breathing on his own and able to recognise family members and respond to questions. His condition remains critical and no long term prognosis has been made, but it's fantastic to hear the progress he is making.

Kevin Davies gave a moving interview earlier in which he said"It's been a difficult time for everyone involved with the club, I think for everyone involved with football really.

"We're hopeful that he can pull through and I just want to say, on behalf of his family and everyone at the club really, a big thank you to everyone who was on the scene; the paramedics and our own medical staff.

"I went down to the hospital with the manager and the physios and the doctors and the amount of people and doctors that were turning up and running around down there trying to get Fab sorted out, it was amazing.

"As you can imagine it's been sleepless nights, with what we saw on the pitch.

"You're half expecting the phone to ring, with what we saw. But Fabrice is fighting and like I said, we're all holding out and hoping he can pull through.

"You sort of feel powerless and you can't do anything.

"I think, the same as everyone else, we were probably following the ball and someone said 'Fabrice has gone down' and we sort of looked for him and saw him there and then it all just unfolded from there and really became very serious within a matter of seconds. Within a minute or two we all knew something was seriously wrong.

"He's one of your colleagues, one of your friends. He's a father, he's a son - all those kind of things run through your head and you're powerless to do anything about it."

It's a difficult time for the club, but the way all of the fans and the football community at large has pulled together makes me proud to be a Bolton fan. Keep fighting Fabrice, we're going to keep hoping.