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MOTM v. Manchester City: Nigel Reo-Coker

Doing work in the centre
Doing work in the centre

While it was yet another game to forget for Bolton fans, there were certainly a few stand out players, as opposed to the usual whole team mediocrity. Ryo Miyaichi appears to be settling in just fine, and put in yet another worthy performance. He looked the Bolton player most likely to score (if you excluded Darren Pratley's fantastic near own goal) and was generally giving the boys in blue a lot of trouble. Adam Bogdan deserves a shout as well, especially for his often one-on-one battle with Mario Balotelli for most of the match. Were it not for his heroics, City would have padded their goal difference much more. But I'm giving the must sought after accolade of LVS MOTM to Nigel Reo-Coker.

NRC was at the heart of almost every Bolton attack, both enabling Miyaichi and taking pressure off Bogdan. He played the midfield engine role in a way Bolton has seriously been lacking for most of the season. Reo-Coker has had a solid season really, but yesterday he shined as one of the few competent players on the team. I shudder to think what the possession stats would've looked like without him.

It's worth noting that the 3 players who were in serious contention for this week's MOTM of the match are either new comers as of this season, or just getting regular playing time as of this season in Bogdan's case. The team is in a transition right now, hopefully transitioning into something better. Who was your MOTM?