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Gudni Bergsson Stabbed Twice, Suffered Minor Injuries, Is a Badass


In a somewhat bizarre story out of Iceland, former Bolton Wanderers defender Gudni Bergsson has been stabbed twice in the thigh while protecting a colleague. Bergsson, who is qualified as a lawyer in Iceland helped out a colleague that was being attacked outside of his firm's offices. Gudni jumped in to the rescue and fought off the attacker, receiving the two aforementioned wounds in the process.

His colleague is currently in the hospital and looks to be OK and the attacker has since been arrested. Good on Gudni. Bergsson was released in the afternoon, limping out of the hospital.

According to the Iceland Review:

The assailant had not paid a "minor debt" because of a motorcycle he bought a few years back. Landsbanki had tried to confiscate the cycle without success, and had charged the man with theft of the bike. He is still held in custody og police, but has not been charged yet for the attack.