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MOTM Revisited; Reo or Ryo

Voices Unite in support of Ryo
Voices Unite in support of Ryo

Here at Lion of Vienna Suite we are nothing if not humble, so even though we tell you who deserves Man of The Match, we do allow some feedback (however unnecessary) in the form of polls and a comments section. These polls are currently being doctored revised to better reflect our the fans opinions.

It turns out after careful viewing of our loss to Manchester City you, dear readers, were more impressed by the darting (though rare) forays of Ryo Miyaichi than by the disciplined and composed play of Nigel Reo-Coker. We belittle respect your opinion and look forward to a spirited debate over next week's MOTM after our 9-0 drubbing of Queens Park Rangers. There will be many to choose from.

In all seriousness, Ryo has been a breath of fresh air in the team, much like Jack Wilshire was two years ago. I think he needs to show a bit more discipline, particularly when it comes to his defensive responsibilities, but he is certainly a talent. And judging by the responses to our recent polls, he has already developed quite a following in the northwest. If we are to stay up, he will have a big part to play.