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Question Time with SCFC2

Man to watch: Gylfi Sigurdsson
Man to watch: Gylfi Sigurdsson

This week we got the opportunity to chat with Jim White, owner and administrator of SCFC2, again. You may remember Jim from our Question Time ahead of the reverse fixture in October. We chatted about Swans' style of play, who will go down, and Swans' most dangerous player. So, while you're waiting anxiously for kick off, why not get a little enemy perspective? Hit the jump for the questions.

As a newly promoted team, you must be delighted to be safe from relegation. Wolves are effectively relegated at this point, but do you think Bolton will join them? What teams would you back for the drop?

Jim White: I think that you have a big chance to get out of the relegation area but you need to start picking up some wins (after today!) as it will be tight. I think that Blackburn are gone (along with Wolves) and so its 1 from 4 teams with you and QPR looking the likely 2. I would love to see QPR go down as I can't stand them as a club and would also quite like to see Villa go down but think they will scrape a draw or win from somewhere. So, Wolves, Blackburn and QPR are my teams that I think/hope will go down

In the match between our teams earlier this year, Danny Graham scored twice, unfortunately one was at the wrong end. Do you think he'll score again this match?

JW: Danny hasnt scored for a few games now and so i would not be surprised at all if he gets a couple today. He is a good striker and works very hard for the team and in 1 on 1 situations he is pretty lethal. I think he could grab one today as you will need to come out and push us (you need the win) and so he could well nab a few against his old friend David Wheater unless you keep him quiet!

Swansea have attempted and successfully completed more passes than any other team in the league. How do you think this fluid style will fair against Bolton's admittedly less than smooth football?

JW: Passing is in our DNA. We don't know or have any other way of playing and we are happy as fans with the results. The teams that have had success against us have pressed us very hard and have tried to close us down but that has risks in itself. We know that winning games in this league is about defending well and working very hard off the ball and if we don't do that, we will get beat. Being safe means that players COULD take their eye off the ball but I have a sense that Brendan Rogers has warned them against this and so I think there will be a lot of effort today which means if we play our stuff, we could get a result.

Other than top scorer Danny Graham who we mentioned earlier, who should the Bolton back four keep their eyes on during the match?

JW: Well Gylfi Sigurdsson has been outstanding for us since he joined and he is someone to watch out for as he is so dangerous from the edge of the box and with his movement. I also think Nathan Dyer is making up for the games that he missed out on and so those would be the 2 that i would say you need to be very careful about.

And finally, can I have a prediction for the match?

JW: My heart says 3-1 Swansea but my head says 1-1 or 2-1 Bolton. If we show the effort and committment that we did at QPR away, we will get beaten. If we decide that we want the points then i think we will get them. Whatever the result, i hope its a good match and that Bolton stay up!

Thanks again to Jim for taking the time to answer our questions, and be sure to check out his excellent site for all of your Swans needs!