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Aston Villa v. Bolton Wanderers MOTM: Chris Eagles

Chris Eagles is taking flight.
Chris Eagles is taking flight.

This game had everything. Ups, downs, Super Kevin Davies, goals, N'Goals, and a Bolton win! What more could you possibly want? An absolutely dire first half for Bolton Wanderers was countered by a lion's performance led by Kevin Davies, Chris Eagles, David Ngog, and Martin Petrov. I would love nothing more than to hand a bottle of Lion of Vienna Suite bubbly to each and every member of the squad that played tonight but alas, we've only got one to hand out.

Bolton responded in the way that they needed to, especially after going a goal down in the 61st minute. Martin Petrov emphatically finished from the penalty spot after Mark Davies' was brought down in the box to bring the boys level. Petrov only took two shots during the match, one of which was on target. Petrov also completed only 69% of his passes.

Kevin Davies' stats don't look particularly great for the Villa match but that's not what got him the nod. It's the intangibles that our club captain brought with him as a second half substitute that saw Bolton get the three points. Throughout much of the last 20 minutes, most of Bolton's possession went through SKD as he did well to fairly kill time on the clock.

Goals matter and David Ngog put the one that counts most into the back of the net and that certainly earns him a nod. Ngog had one of his best games of the year and looked much more of a force in the second half with another attacker backing him up.

The man that gets our bottle of bubbly is the one that tested the Aston Villa defense the most, had the second highest pass accuracy during the match, and set up the second goal. Chris Eagles' footwork inside the Aston Villa box allowed him to turn the defender inside out and square it to an onrushing David Ngog. Eagles also completed 86% of his passes while taking six shots (three times the amount of any other Bolton player). Chris Eagles has really come into his own against Swansea and Aston Villa. He's showing us exactly why he was signed.

Keep it going against Sunderland. COYWM, onwards and upwards.