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MOTM v. Sunderland: Kevin Davies

Captain, my captain.
Captain, my captain.

The end of the season brings about strange things. Kevin Davies, who has had a largely quiet season, seems to have rediscovered his old self as the season winds down. His half against Aston Villa in the midweek reminded us why he's called Super Kevin Davies. Martin Petrov also put in a decent shift. His wing play disrupted the opposition as usual, the cross he put in for Davies' first goal was nothing short of sublime. The man with the assist on the second goal, Sam Ricketts, also earned himself a mention. The Welshman was fairly solid in defense, quite the achievement for a Bolton player, and his forays forward proved dangerous. In spite of that, no one comes close to the skipper's performance for me.

SKD did not have a perfect day, he did concede the free kick that lead to the second goal with an absolutely awful tackle in a dangerous area. In spite of that, he more than made up for it with his 2 goals and a real captain's performance. So often Davies contributes intangibles that cannot be summed up in statistics. He did not have the best pass accuracy, and he did commit the most fouls, but his positive contributions far outweighed the negatives for me today. Did SKD excel in your eyes as well? Let us know your MOTM in the poll and the comments!