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Owen Coyle Wins Barclays Manager of the Month Award

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March was a strange month. Bolton Wanderers are two places above the drop zone but are somehow only a point clear. They've won all three of their last three matches and as a result, picked up nine points out of a possible 12 in March. The results are good and all but they're not the only reason that Owen Coyle was handed the award.

In the wake of the Fabrice Muamba incident, Owen Coyle carried himself and the team as well anyone could have possibly expected. As the voice and driving force behind Bolton Wanderers, Owen Coyle did the team proud.

This is the second time that Owen Coyle has won the award, the first and previously only other time was for November of the 2010-11 season. His Wanderers picked up 11 points from five matches by defeating Tottenham, Wolverhampton, and Newcastle (with a scoreline of 5-1) and drawing Everton and Blackpool.

For those worried about the Manager of the Month "curse," the last time Coyle won the award, Bolton won two of a possible five games the following month. The wins came against Blackburn and West Bromwich Albion and the losses to Manchester City, Sunderland, and Chelsea.

All in all, Owen Coyle put the family aspect of this club on his shoulders and carried it with aplomb.