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Mirror Publishes "Report" Regarding Muamba, Is Very Likely Crap

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Fabrice Muamba's heart stopped for 78 minutes. He's alive, smiling, and walking (which is in its own right a miracle at this stage) thanks to the quick work of the Bolton Wanderers & Tottenham Hotspu medics and Spurs fan Andrew Deaner. The Mirror tonight has published a "report" saying that the medical staff looking after him at the London Chest Hospital will allow him to do some training in the next month.

Yes, Fabrice Muamba back on the pitch in a Bolton shirt, safe and sound, would be absolutely incredible. The Mirror has offered up no proof other than saying they have a "report" and as far as we're concerned at the moment, it is a stunt to get pageviews. The Mirror are by no means a reputable publication so you should take the report at less than face value.

If you want to read all three sentences of the Mirror's "report," you'll have to search for it on your own. We won't be linking to that garbage.

Get well soon, Fab.