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CONFIRMED: Kevin Davies Signs New Bolton Wanderers Contract

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Yesterday was a hard day for Bolton Wanderers and their fans. You could see it in the faces of players and supporters alike. While it was a hard day, it doesn't have to be a sad one. Instead, Bolton Wanderers fans should look at the unwelcome drop to the Championship as a chance to finally rebuild.

One of the worries with any side that is relegated from the Premier League is an exodus of players who feel they don't belong in a lower division. There are certain players we wouldn't mind going (*cough* Zat Knight *cough*) but there are others that we definitely want to keep around. Kevin Davies definitely falls into the second category.

NEWEST UPDATE: Kevin Davies' new deal has been confirmed in the Bolton News this morning.

Davies will be part of the squad that attempts to bounce straight back up from the Championship next season after agreeing a new deal, but next season is not something the striker currently wants to contemplate with the wounds still so fresh.

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UPDATE: So, Mrs. SKD has gone back on her previous tweets, saying

sometimes passion, honesty and being outspoken just don't mix. Especially in the football world. So .. silence is golden from now on xxx

but Alan Nixon of the Mirror has said that Kevin Davies does in fact have a new deal and has had one for some time.

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While Super Kev looked off the pace at the start of the season, he found his feet when it mattered and scored some very important goals for these Men in White. Davies had what could and should have been the winning goal to keep Bolton Wanderers in the Premier League but an earlier refereeing decision made sure that wasn't the case.

The club captain has reasserted himself as a leader both on (Aston Villa, Sunderland, and Stoke matches) and off the field and is surely the man to lead Bolton Wanderers back up to the Premier League. A tweet from his wife, Emma Davies, has confirmed that our captain, leader, legend has indeed signed a brand new deal at the Reebok.

Whenever details such as length of time are available, we'll surely let you know. Until then, know that if this team keeps its core, we can certainly bounce right back up.

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So SKD's signed a new contract then? Wonderful news RT @emmadavies1968 @Superwhite75 yes
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