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Bye Bye Baby? Gretar Steinnson leaves Bolton (Probably)

To Gretar:  We'll always remember your glorious tats.
To Gretar: We'll always remember your glorious tats.

The trouble with recovery from relegation is usually exacerbated by the rumour mill. Some players are definitely gone (Ivan Klasnic among them). Some players are definitely staying (Samuel Ricketts has placed his marker down). But many players (usually the relegated club's best players) live in the ether for weeks, if not months. Neither here nor gone, they leave uncertainty and doubt in the minds of the manager and the supporters. Gretar Steinsson appears to be falling into this vortex.

The Icelandic international has been a solid player for Bolton Wanderers. He has had spectacular moments, as well as a few mishaps he'd rather forget. His massive wages (Funny how Gary Megson claimed he had cut the wage bill) and now-finished contract always made him a strong candidate to depart. The club have offered him a new deal, at reduced wages, which he appears likely to reject, though he has apparently not done so just yet. I always rated him, but his inconsistency under Coyle has seem him fall just short of claiming the right back shirt on a permanent basis. Bolton have three other right backs under contract, so we can afford to let him go, and wish him the best of luck.