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Sam Ricketts and Kevin Davies Extend Bolton Wanderers Contracts

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We got the bad news out of the way early today as the club announced the players that were definitely on their way out. As the exits have been tallied, it is now time for the club to start the rebuilding process. They've done this by extending the contracts of two fan favorites who will lead the charge back to the Premier League for Bolton Wanderers.

We reported last week that Super Kevin Davies had signed a new contract with Bolton and now it's been officially confirmed. Kevin Davies will be with Bolton Wanderers for at least one more year while versatile defender Samuel Ricketts has re-upped for two.

Bolton will rebuild on the backs of these two players as well as the rest of the young talent that they retained. Between the injuries, the two players had a part in a total 62 matches in all competitions combined. We expect that they'll do a hell of a job in the Championship as Bolton aim to win and be promoted without the question of playoffs.