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Fan Retrospective In the Bolton News

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If you happened to get a copy of the Bolton News this last weekend, you will have noticed a massive look back at Bolton Wanderers' relegation season. There was a call to the fans for a brief, 200-word analysis of the season that was and a look ahead. For those that didn't get their hands on it this weekend, I submitted one of these reviews for the article. You can read the quick write-up after the jump.

We fully encourage you to go through the entire retrospective if you can get your hands on it!

This season was so disappointing not only because of what it ended up as, but also because of what it could have been. A Bolton Wanderers side at anywhere near full strength means that the nightmare could have so easily been a dream instead. It just wasn't to be though.

The season that was exacerbated by broken legs, damaged knees, broken metatarsals, and one muscle injury after another. This was coupled with the trauma, despair, and ultimate relief of the Fabrice Muamba incident. It was no easier or less heartbreaking watching any of that from 3,500 miles away in New York.

What's done is done and the horror season is over. Fans shouldn't dwell on the recent past. Instead, we should be able to look at the Championship as a glorious opportunity to rise from the ashes of an abysmal season. The team finally has the chance to get rid of the ghost of Gary Megson and the ball-and-chain of high wages for average players that came with him. Owen Coyle has built the foundations of a strong, young side that has the ability to be phenomenal for years to come.