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Renaming the Reebok: Would You?

The Reebok even makes rugby look good.
The Reebok even makes rugby look good.

It's no secret that, in my expert and entirely unbiased opinion, the Reebok is one of the finest examples of stadium architecture, certainly in England and quite possibly the world. It's got it all, lovely curves, decent capacity, nice facilities, a proper pitch. It's where I first saw a professional football game. It's where I fell in love with Bolton Wanderers. There's only one thing it lacks that every great ground should have, and that's an inspiring name.

It is an age of sponsorship, and the Reebok itself would not have been born without Reebok. In 2007 the club signed a contract extension with Reebok, meaning the stadium would bear the name until 2016. However, given that Adidas bought Reebok in 2005, the team kits may soon be changing to Adidas. If this happens, hypothetically, the stadium could be renamed, one of the best suggestions being the Addias Arena. Would you want the club to maintain the admittedly short term historical connection with Reebok, and keep the name, or would you be open to a change?