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Rumour Mill: Jaaskelainen Set for West Ham

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We have confirmed that Jussi Jaaskelainen will leave Bolton after 15 years, meaning Kevin Davies is the only one left of the old guard. The question remains however, what will Jussi do post-Bolton? At 37, he is not a realistic long term signing, and besides, his form has certainly dropped in the past two seasons. His reflexes are noticeably slower and his position is flawed more often than it used to be. The Finn could retire now, and would have a long career to be proud of, but that is just not Jaaskelainen's style

The current leading rumour of Jussi's fate sees him going to West Ham, to meet up with ex-manager Sam Allardyce and ex-teammates Kevin Nolan, Ricardo Vaz-Te, Matthew Taylor, and Joey O'Brien. Robert Green, the Hammers' current keeper is out of contract this summer, and Big Sam could do with another familiar player to build Bolton Lite. I have very mixed feeling on the matter. I find it quite amusing, but also fairly irritating that they're in the Premiership and we aren't. What do you think about Jussi possibly moving to Bolton South?