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Player of the Year Candidate: Adam Bogdan

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At the start of this season, Adam Bogdan looked plain awful. When he first filled in for Jussi Jaaskelainen at the start of the year, he had a tough run of it. Sure, the competition was tough but he gave up some admittedly easy and dumb goals. The five goals that he allowed Chelsea back in October were enough for us to worry about Bolton Wanderers' goalkeeping future.

After Jussi reclaimed his starting spot he was injured again. Adam Bogdan was handed a start in January 2012 rolled around and we were nervous. Bolton Wanderers left Goodison Park with a 2-1 win against Everton and have not regretted the switch to Bogdan since.

Adam's had a few tough matches since getting back into the first XI but the vast majority of goals allowed were to blame on defensive breakdowns. How many times have we seen the back four open up and how many times has Bogdan been forced to face the attacker one-on-one?

And then you have to think about how many times we've said "what a game Bogdan had. What a save!" Bogdan has single-handedly kept Bolton Wanderers in a number of games this season and excelled when we needed him most.

Despite the fact that Mancheter United beat the Trotters 3-0 at Old Trafford, Bogdan had a phenomenal game. Bogdan was instrumental in the 0-0 draw against Arsenal and 3-1 win against Liverpool. Everyone remembers the disallowed goal against QPR but guess what: if Bogdan wasn't there to make a save (despite the ball having gone over the line) it would have been a definite goal nestled in the back of the net.

Bogdan's really matured as a goalkeeper and on-field leader in the last six months. We're glad to have him as our number one.