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Our Long Lost July 2011 Conversation With Owen Coyle

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When my phone died a couple of days after the Houston Dynamo - Bolton Wanderers friendly last July, I honestly thought that I had lost all of the interviews that I had not transcribed yet. I had been through the Kevin Davies and Stuart Holden Q&A's but thought the Owen Coyle bit was gone. I decided to go through our archives to clean up some unpublished drafts when I found our Coyle conversation. Joy!

The conversation doesn't really have much relevance anymore but it's certainly interesting to go back and look at what it was like when Bolton spirits were high. Anyway, hit the jump for our quick question-and-answer session with Owen Coyle following Bolton's 2-0 win in Houston.

Q: Owen, thoughts about tonight?

A: Personally I thought it was a terrific game with two attack minded teams. The heat and humidity for us, we're obviously here as a working exercise, and it's always nice to win but that wasn't the main objective. The main objective was to get fitter, stronger, prepared to start our season proper come August 13th. Very impressed with the Dynamo and their hospitality and there's no doubt with the new stadium coming, they're going to go from strength to strength. It's a club, I believe, on the up.

Q: Can you talk about the two goals? What did you see from Davies and Klasnic up front?

A: Well, quality. I mean that's why we play in the best league in the world because we have quality in the team and have shown that consistently over the last couple of years since I joined as a coach or manager or whatever you call it. We scored two goals but truth be told we could have had four or five tonight. Their keeper made a couple of great saves and all in all it was a pleasing exercise with a lot of positives to take from the match.

Q: Obviously you want to improve next season, what are you planning on changing to achieve that?

A: Well we don't have to change much because I believe we had a very successful season last year. I took over the team 19 months ago when they were in the bottom three and threatened with relegation and we sorted that out quite quickly. Last season we were in the top 8 for the majority of the season prior to the last three-four weeks. I think a huge factor in that was losing Stuart Holden because of what he brought to us in the middle of the park and we didn't have that type of player to replace him when he came out of the team. We were into the semifinal of the FA Cup as you know, there has been tremendous improvement in the club and as a manager in the club, my job is to improve every year and we've done that to this point and must look to do it again this year. We're looking to add three or four players to the existing squad I've got. We want to enhance that and we want to add strength in depth. Hopefully when we get Stuart Holden back September, beginning of October, and Sam Ricketts been out a long time with injury so that all goes well for what we're looking to do as a club.

Q: Can you name any positions you're hoping to get players in?

A: Yes, absolutely. Defense, midfield, and up front!

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