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Bolton Season Ticket Sales Manage to Top Last Year

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In recent seasons, Bolton has gotten a lot of stick for having supposedly sub-par support, but tt really does say a lot about the fans that do show up that, in spite of a frankly terrible season which led to relegation, the current season ticket sales have topped last year's at the same time. As of now, Bolton Wanderers have sold over 11,000 tickets, 3,000 of those being in the last week due to Saturday's early purchase deadline.

In the last few years, the club has introduced many incentives to increase fan attendance, including free travel to various away games, and more significantly an interest-free direct debit scheme. This means fans can pay their season tickets in installments over seven months, a deal expiring July 7th. According to the club, 43% of purchases have been linked to this scheme. It also helps that season ticket prices have once again been frozen, meaning there hasn't been a price rise in seven seasons, something many other top clubs would have trouble claiming.

Bolton is also one of the few clubs that can claim attendance rises over the past few seasons, in spite of the financial crisis. Numbers have been rising over the past 3 seasons, with the Reebok counting an average of 23,000 through it's gates over 19 games in the league last season, the first time in five years.

Owen Coyle said on the matter,

"Our fans backed us through thick and thin last season with constant support. It is testament to the loyalty of Wanderers fans that so many have already taken up their season tickets, especially with the current economic pressures. The Reebok is a tough place to come and play when the fans are in full voice and that backing will be essential next season."

Fortress Reebok is still not what it used to be, but it's good to hear that supporters aren't letting a little thing like relegation stop them from supporting the club.