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Favourite Bolton Highlight: Kevin Davies Levels Against Bayern Munich


We've already written about Bolton's away draw with Bayern Munich in the Europa League once this year, but I just couldn't help doing it again. That night in Munich is undoubtedly one of the best moments of my, admittedly short, tenure as a Bolton fan. The side had been hit by injuries, a familiar story to Trotters, and was forced to make 6 changes from the team that had played at the weekend, including putting a near debutante in the form of Ali Al Habsi in goal. Yet the Wanderers still managed to come away from the Allianz Arena.

Ricardo Gardner managed to put the away team ahead in the 8th minute, but Bayern was not going to lie down easy, and Lukas Podolski scored a brace to put the Germans on the course to win. Bayern Munich looked the better side through much of the match, but Bolton held on, thanks to a good show by Al Habsi.

In the 82nd minute though, Kevin Davies changed the story line. The Wanderers won a throw in Bayern's half, which Andranik Teymourian took quickly. His throw picked out Kevin Nolan, who juggled the ball into the area. Instead of taking the shot himself, he sent it to Kevin Davies, who slotted it home mid-bounce.

The combination of supreme ball control and selflessness from Nolan, and the perfect timing from Davies make this a nice goal, but the context makes it memorable. Bolton will not be back in the UEFA Cup any time soon, but even as we make our way in the Championship, we will always have Munich.

It's rather indicative of the team in general that my favourite highlight comes from a draw. Let us know what yours is in the comments.