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Bolton Have Made Their Home Kit Officially Official and We Love It

Getty Images for adidas

Bolton Wanderers' kits are often the laughing stock of the international football community. For years, Reebok have given some crayons to groups of grade schoolers and told them to go wild. After some brief refining, Reebok would produce a shirt and have Bolton parade it around the Premier League.

For the first time since the 2007/2008 season, we can gladly say that Bolton's new home shirt does not have odd, un-balanced shapes, bar code stripes, a chest pocket, or a sports bra outline.

We can't actually post a photo of the kit so check it out here

Our new home shirt is predictably white with navy under the arms and red accents on the chest and shoulders. It's clean, classy, and for the most part, understated. It most closely resembles the wonderful 2007/2007 home shirt that saw Bolton Wanderers take on Europe.

The neckline is simple, round, and white. No more random kinks in the lines like Reebok used to do. The badge is embroidered rather than glued-on felt. The shorts are navy blue with white accents on the outside of the bottom cuff and the socks are white with red stripes. We don't know for sure what color the name and number on the back of the shirt will be but our guess is red.

The best part is that it looks like it actually belongs together. It looks like a football kit instead of the drunk work of a madman with scissors. Yes, the orange 188Bet logo is still a bit of an eyesore but surprisingly, it doesn't detract from the rest of the shirt too much.