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Muamba to Receive an Honorary Doctorate

Keep smiling
Keep smiling

Everyone, ourselves most emphatically included, is a Fabrice Muamba fan these days. He was a refugee (make sure you go read that story if you haven't), has one of the world's most infectious smile, oh, and was dead for a full 78 minutes, only to live to tell the tale. Calling the man a fighter is an understatement. You can now add the University of Bolton to the list of Fab fans, as they will soon be giving him an honorary doctorate.

Fabrice had this to say in response:

"I would like to thank the University of Bolton for this award of an Honorary Doctorate. I am very humbled to accept it on behalf of all the amazing men and women who combined to save my life, the paramedics and medical teams of Bolton Wanderers and Tottenham, ambulance personnel, and of course the consultants, doctors and nurses at the London Chest hospital, my family and I owe them all so much."

We're not positive what exactly the doctorate will be in. The best current hypotheses include: managing to look good in a hospital after being dead for 78 minutes, producing unbelievably adorable offspring, but we're personally just leaning towards being a living legend.

The Vice Chancellor of the university, Dr. George Holmes, said:

"Fabrice is an exceptional young man in his own right but he will receive his honorary doctorate to celebrate and recognise the work of the teams who rushed to his aid. The University is developing its strength in the field of sports science and associated clinical work for elite athletes. There can be no better example of the work of clinicians than the emergency treatment Fabrice received."

Congratulations Fab, you deserve it.

Big thanks to Fabrice's financee @ShaunaMuamba for tweeting so many adoracute pictures for us to coo over!