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Euro 2012: Who Will You Support?

This man will not be making his impact on the tournament
This man will not be making his impact on the tournament

Thankfully, we have been released from the purgatory that was Bolton's last season, but football marches on. This Friday, the Euro 2012 will kick off, and most of the footballing world will be watching. Last time around, England didn't even qualify for the tournament, freeing England fans to just enjoy the spectacle. A lot has changed since that tournament, England have gone through two managers, and once again find themselves in the midst of the competition. But Bolton is supported throughout the world, and we want to know, who will you be cheering on in Poland and Ukraine?

Despite growing up for the most part in America and currently living in France, I support England when it comes to international competitions. I'm half English, and all of my footballing knowledge comes from that side of my family, so it just feels natural to support the Three Lions. Vote in the poll to let us know who you'll follow, and comment to tell us why!