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Bolton Wanderers Sign Long-Term Analytics Deal With Prozone

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Analytics and statistics have long been an important part of football. Games are won and lost thanks to the ever-increasing importance of understanding numbers, probability, and chance. Due to this, Bolton Wanderers have decided to sign a contract extension with Prozone, a company that pride themselves on real-time football analytics. The new deal will take Bolton into their 16th year of working with the company.

Brian Prestidge, Bolton's Head of Performance Analysis, said: "Bolton Wanderers is a club dedicated to the use of science and objective analysis in football. Our relationship with Prozone provides us with the tools we need to fully evaluate player performance and maximise the chances of success on the field."

Paul Boanas, Prozone's UK Account Manager, said: "We are excited to continue our long-standing partnership with Bolton, a progressive club that is constantly working to use performance data to shape and evolve its coaching methods."

The importance of analytics in football continues to grow, with clubs at all levels looking for advantages in a highly competitive environment. Working with some of the leading names in the sport is important to Prozone as it continues to develop the next generation of analysis for a global market.

As Simon Marland, Bolton's Football Secretary, said: "The use of analytics in football is more important now than it has ever been. At Bolton we have always valued the comprehensive service Prozone provides and see it as a major element of the team's strategy and development."