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Introducing: Your New Favourite Bolton Pub Shed


Sometimes you find things on the internet, and you're not sure whether to question your own sanity, or the world at large. This is one of those times. Today, not only did I visit a site fully dedicated to back garden sheds, but I saw a shed that had been converted into a Bolton Wanderers/tattoo themed pub. If you follow Bolton culture, you will be familiar with Dave T. of House of Tattoos, who has done work on many Bolton players and other professional footballers, as well as countless fan tattoos. It turns out in his spare time, he is a shed enthusiast.

Dave's shed, called the Tattooed Arms, includes a bar complete with several taps, a large television, and a disco ball. The description reads

"being a tattoo artist and big fan of bolton wanderers, I decided to dec my 'shed pub' out with bwfc and tattoo memorabilia. complete with signed shirts, photos, tattoo designs, and signs ect. even tattoo beermats plus 20,000 song karaoke. cable TV, wifi, sink and toilet.. most of the deco apart from the shirts came from carboot sales"

The Tattooed Arms is up for Shed of the Year (which is apparently a real thing), and if it wins, all of the money will be donated to KiDs of Bolton, the charity founded and run by our very own Kevin Davies. An excellent niche, a good cause, and a nice dose of Bolton thrown in, how could you resist voting? And if you're not yet convinced...


Here's Gretar Steinsson looking pleased inside the Tattooed Arms


Bibi and pals in their favourite pub shed


Love him or hate him, Dioufy LOVES the Tattooed Arms.

So go get voting. Tattooed Arms for Shed of the Year 2012!